December 6, 2016


For those interested in the subject of my book, Honor: A History, here are some of my other thoughts on honor as recorded in articles I have written and lectures and interviews I have given over the years. I have also frequently returned to the subject in my Diary entries and other Articles, which can be read by going to the relevant tabs above.

—James Bowman

The Forgotten Honor of World War I .  October 15, 2014.
Complicated Loyalty.  October 13, 2011.
The Right Thing.  January 17, 2011.
Don’t Change ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’.  October 9, 2009.
Decline of the Honor Culture.  September 30, 2009.
Honor: Are We Left With a Mere Relic of a Great Civilization?.  August 5, 2007.
So Long, Tony.  July 9, 2007.
A Few Words from David Frum about James Bowman’s Honor: A History.  July 31, 2006.
Honor: An Interview with Jamie Glazov.  June 20, 2006.
Viele Feinde, keine Ehre.  June 4, 2006.
On Our Honor: An NRO Q&A.  May 30, 2006.
Honor: A Talk Given at the American Enterprise Institute, Washington, D.C..  May 8, 2006.
The Neutering of the American Male.  March 6, 2006.
Honor Among Thieves (2).  March 18, 2005.
Honor Enduring.  January 31, 2005.
Honor Among Thieves (1).  April 25, 2003.
“Keen About Death” — Reintroducing the Language of National Honor.  October 3, 2002.
Whatever Happened to Honor?.  June 10, 2002.
He Spied Because He Had To?.  February 11, 2002.
What Was the Founders' "Sacred Honor"?.  February 1, 2002.
America in Peril from Boy Scout Militarism.  December 5, 2001.
Mob Hit.  May 1, 2001.
From Heroes to Herostratus.  April 18, 2001.
Don't Judge His Heart.  August 1, 2000.
Superior Soap Opera.  January 1, 2000.
The Worth of National Honor.  January 20, 1991.
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