April 23, 2014

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Entry from April 18, 2014

In the current issue of The New Criterion I write en passant about the "Common Core" curriculum in history which the educational establishment has been so terrifyingly successful in imposing on America’s school-children. Remarkably, there is no body of knowledge attached to the history standards. History, along with "social studies," is itself tellingly subsumed under "English language arts" and is to the authors entirely a matter of analyzing and interpreting "texts." The reason is of course that history is no longer to be regarded as transparent — stories, facts and dates to be learned like the multiplication table or spelling rules. The facts are now thought to be subsidiary to the true story, knowledge of which requires a certain interpretive subtlety on the part of the student. "History" now consists, according to the Common Core, of the skills necessary for the extraction of this hidden truth from the welter of mere facts. Full Entry

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