October 22, 2020

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Entry from September 19, 2020

As her exiled majesty, Hillary Clinton, has graciously informed us that we are not to be permitted to re-elect Donald Trump this year, it follows that Joe Biden, Democrat, must be our next president. In name at least. But now that we know our Democrat-determined destiny, some people are beginning to realize the saliency of the question of who is actually going to exercise the powers of the presidency when Mr Biden takes office? His vice presidential candidate, Kamala Harris obviously believes it will be she and has already spoken of “a Harris administration — together with Joe Biden.” That the former vice-president himself appeared to agree with her when he talked of a “Harris-Biden administration” may be telling but is not definitive. Neither one of them may have been told yet who’s actually going to be in charge, but both appear to know what the rest of us now should understand, which is that we may vote for Joe Biden, but Joe Biden, even in a mentally diminished state, is not who we’re going to be getting. Full Entry

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