April 7, 2020

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Entry from March 12, 2020

When everyone was making fun of Mara Gay and Brian Williams last week for saying on MSNBC that, for the $500 million Michael Bloomberg had spent on his failed campaign for the presidency, he could have given everyone in the country a million dollars, I felt a bit sorry for her — a bit less sorry for him — not least because she was only repeating something she had read on Twitter. That was her real mistake. Ms Gay, an ornament of The New York Times’s editorial board, had said on Mr Williams’s show: "Somebody tweeted recently that actually with the money he spent, he could have given every American a million dollars." It wasn’t a spur-of-the-moment thing. Not only had she and Mr Williams obviously discussed this calculation beforehand, but the whole production staff had to have known of it in order to put together a graphic of the tweet in question. No one spotted the error. For the same reason, more of the ridicule that greeted the segment, at least more of what I heard or read, was directed at Mr Williams and MSNBC, rather than her. Full Entry

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