July 28, 2016

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Entry from July 21, 2016

Though never a big fan of Donald Trump, I find myself becoming more and more thankful for the Trump candidacy — mainly for saving me so much of the time that I would once have had to spend with America’s media. Now, as my eye travels down the scroll of the day’s articles in this or that newspaper, magazine, TV network or website, I increasingly find myself able to check them off, one by one, without reading them. Why? Because I can see at once that they boil down to three words: I hate Trump. Then, to that long list I can add all those ringing the changes on the ancillary hatreds due to anyone, once purportedly respected but now in disgrace for backing Trump, or those congratulating themselves for not doing so — not to mention a mass of other articles on the incompetence of his campaign and the destruction, moral, political or both, that it is wreaking on the Republican party. Full Entry

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