March 30, 2017

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Entry from March 21, 2017

In my media column in the current edition of The New Criterion, I have occasion to mention the advertising blitz with which The New York Times greeted the new Trump administration. It appeared to me to have been based on Times columnist Jim Rutenberg’s conceit of himself and his colleagues as a brave little band of paratroopers called on to defend what he calls "the realm of the true" from — well, from "the hyperpartisan debate," though it was a debate which the Times itself, at his urging, had already joined as one of the partisans. I had thought that the tide of e-mailed appeals — all based on some such formula as (to paraphrase) "We love truth! Don’t you love truth too? Click here to get more truth than you will know what to do with" — was finally ebbing when, over the weekend I got another, this one from "Times Insider" featuring a photo of a tray full of pin-on buttons over the caption: "Buttons adorn the tables in The New York Times’s cafeteria." The buttons read: "Truth. The alternative is a lie." Full Entry

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