February 21, 2018

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Entry from December 1, 2017

A propos of the media’s on-going épuration légale of sexual malefactors in their midst, thoughtful articles in the mainstream media themselves are beginning to appear, like crocuses opening up in spring while still half buried in snow, which propose, or at least imply, that — in the words of one of them for the Washington Post by Christine Emba, former Hilton Kramer fellow at The New Criterion — we "rethink sex." What at first glance may seem to be one such has popped up in the "Fashion & Style" section of yesterday’s New York Times. In "Pinups in the Post-Weinstein World" Vanessa Friedman wonders about the prospective TV and online viewing figures for the up-coming Victoria’s Secret fashion show and what is apparently a similar event, from the British online magazine "Love," billing itself as "a video Advent calendar" but replacing religious iconography with young women in various stages of undress. Last year’s figures, she writes, Full Entry

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