June 29, 2016

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Entry from June 23, 2016

"To the Republicans who have been silent on Trump," read the headline to Fareed Zakaria’s op ed in The Washington Post last weekend "— your honor is at stake." In the article to which the headline was attached mention was made of several prominent Republicans who have not (so far) repudiated Mr Trump as their party’s presidential nominee, but by the end it was clear that the columnist was primarily focusing on Senator John McCain as someone whose life story as a naval aviator and long-term prisoner of war in North Vietnam has given him an almost 19th century level of solicitude about his own honor. And now here was one, Fareed Zakaria, coming forth to tell him that his years of honorable suffering in the Hanoi Hilton count for naught in his honor-accounting unless he also supports the candidate Mr Zakaria supports in this year’s presidential election. Full Entry

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